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Panhard et Levassor 6HP Type A1 Double Phaeton with Canopy

This Panhard et Levassor has metal studs on the front tyres, which were meant to provide a better grip on uneven surfaces, although they often had the opposite effect because of the large amounts of horse droppings on the roads at the time.

The coat of arms of the family that owned this car can still be seen on the side of the front seat, which can be partly folded sideways to allow access to the rear seats.

The upholstery is fine pigskin leather. This elegant four-seater has never been restored – it is in remarkably original condition with delightfully patinated paintwork. Noteworthy details are the umbrella stand on the right-hand rear mudguard and a special ‘hill strut’ or ‘mountain strut’, a metal bar behind the right rear wheel which could be lowered on climbing a hill to prevent the car from rolling back down. All rotating points can be lubricated remotely from the instrument panel. It has a rear-mounted radiator, a canopy and very attractive, brass acetylene headlights.

Panhard & Levassor was one of the few car manufacturers to build its own bodies. When the car was finished, it would undergo three days of rigorous testing in the country.

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