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Baja Boot Buggy

The Baja California peninsula is a Mexican state. In 1962 a 1,000-mile race was first run here over the predominantly rough, desert-like landscape with unpaved roads full of potholes and strewn with large boulders.

It was a fantastic challenge for the actor and motoring enthusiast Steve McQueen.
Even a well-prepared rally car is not up to the Baja race; something more robust is required. McQueen managed to persuade the car manufacturer General Motors to design this unique ‘Baja Boot Buggy’ for him. The special tubular chassis was designed and built by NASA space experts, and a Chevrolet V8 was used to power the car. Steve McQueen took part in the Baja races from 1967 to 1975 and his 1971 ‘Baja Boot’ on display in the museum is one of the most innovative off-road racers ever built.

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