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Moon Type 6-48

Een radiateur- of motorkapmascotte als de maansikkel op deze Moon zou vandaag de dag ten strengste verboden zijn vanwege het gevaar van verwonding bij een aanrijding, maar in 1922 wordt daar nog geen rekening mee gehouden.

But apparently other safety aspects were: the Moon is equipped with various features that at the time were not commonplace, such as bumpers, side mirrors, pneumatic windscreen wipers and headlights with anti-glare green glass. Note also the luxury accessories such as the cut glass windows and disc wheels. The radiator resembles that of a Rolls-Royce, presumably to imply quality. Louwman & Parqui used to import Moon motorcars in the Netherlands.

Coachbuilder Joseph W. Moon started building cars in 1905. The cars produced by the Moon Motor Car Co. from St. Louis, Missouri were good, solid vehicles. Initially they were powered by four-cylinder Continental engines, but later they progressed to six- and eight-cylinder units.
By the end of the 1920s a merger was attempted with New Era Motors Inc., producer of Kissel and Ruxton cars. This proved to be a failure and all three marques were lost.

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