Mors 14-19-HP Landaulette Town Car

This is a typical example of a luxurious town car, whose bodywork design would continue for years to come; the driver was partially or wholly seated in the open while passengers were completely sheltered in the rear compartment.

When this Mors was discovered, its bodywork had been badly damaged by fire. Using the remaining frame, the new owner rebuilt the entire body, based on the original design by the Parisian coachbuilder Rothschild. As the name suggests, this firm was financed by the Rothschild banking family. This coachbuilder was a pioneer in the use of aluminium for coachwork, a cutting-edge technology at the time.

The rear section of the roof of this ‘Landaulette’ could be folded down. Quite unusual is the location of the driver’s seat – above the front axle. This is known as the ‘cab-over’ design.

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