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Oldsmobile Model R ‘Curved Dash’ Runabout

This car is known as the ‘Curved Dash’ for obvious reasons.

The Oldsmobile Runabout was first offered for sale in 1901. Over 11,000 of the Curved Dash models were constructed before production ceased in 1907, making it the first volume produced American automobile. Indeed, Olds’ many promotional trips and exhibitions helped create the public image of the automobile as a viable and economical alternative to the horse.

While the basic Curved Dash is relatively primitive, this example has a number of options, notably the full top and ‘dos-à-dos’ rear seat with fold-down footrest. It also features a pair of oil sidelights. It still retains its original Oldsmobile painted emblems.

A highly original example of America’s best known and most readily recognized Veteran car.

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