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Panhard et Levassor X77 Dynamic

Art Deco on wheels. A very daring creation by Bionnier for Panhard & Levassor.

Many cars of the time displayed elements of the then popular Art Deco style, but in no other has this been applied as extensively as in this X77 Dynamic. Look at the aerodynamic mudguard skirts which have been placed wide apart to allow adequate room for the wheels to be turned. Also note the headlight grilles which have the same shape as the radiator grille; the three windscreen wipers and the ‘Panoramique’ windscreen with curved corner pieces. Note too that the driver is seated almost centrally in the car, allowing him to make optimal use of the panoramic windows. A slim person can sit on his right and a somewhat plumper person on his left.

The Dynamic was Panhard & Levassor’s attempt to uphold their name in an ever-declining market. Although the marque was once progressive, it was now lagging behind. This design represented a break from the older, conservative models. The X77 Dynamic was equipped with a 2.8-litre, six-cylinder, sleeve-valve engine. Some 3,000 of this model were produced from 1936 to 1939.

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