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Panhard et Levassor Double Phaeton

In this Panhard & Levassor both the windscreen and the partition separating the driver from the passengers can be folded up against the roof of the car. If required, the whole roof can be removed in order to ride in the open – an early ‘detachable hardtop’.

The car is fitted with a four-speed gearbox and chain drive. In 1907 only one Panhard & Levassor model had a cardan shaft drive.

Generally, cars such as this attractive ‘Double Phaeton’ were used for brief jaunts and short journeys. The driver had to be able to drive the car as well as make the necessary minor repairs.

At the beginning of the 20th century Panhard & Levassor were leaders in the production of luxurious motorcars and quickly became one of France’s larger car manufacturers. In 1907, the year in which this car was built, Panhard & Levassor produced 1,099 motorcars, of which 515 were exported. In 1910 these figures were almost doubled.

Panhard & Levassor, later known simply as Panhard, was taken over by Citroën in 1965, and shortly afterwards the marque ceased to exist.

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