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Pininfarina X

The Space Race of the late 1950s and early 1960s was reflected in even the most mundane household items, including cars.

The Italian car designer and coachbuilder Batista Farina, nicknamed “Pinin” (the youngest/smallest) also followed this trend and built an experimental car that resembles a spaceship.

The car, which was named the “X”, provided aerodynamics that gave the car a higher maximum speed and lower fuel consumption. At 0.23 Cd, this Pininfarina X has an exceptional drag coefficient even for modern times.

The car has an unusual rhomboid layout for the four wheels. The single front wheel is responsible for steering, while the two side wheels serve as outriggers to stabilize the car. The rear-mounted 1089cc Fiat engine powers the single rear wheel. Note the three headlamps.

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